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Supply Chain,

What is Freight Think?


Supply Chains must be designed to constantly evolve in response to the ever-changing global environment. Companies can no longer afford to have their product and logistics teams operating independently.

When this occurs, people on each side make decisions -- sometimes expensive ones -- based upon a limited understanding of the effects they can have on total company profitability.

The concept of Freight Think is to take a holistic view of a supply chain develop a deeper understanding of where and how freight dollars are spent. We offer supply chain consultant advice and solutions to identify opportunities, add efficiency, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

We make this claim because weve done it. ​

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We will provide any level of assistance from strategy development to managing the entire process.
We can help implement a solution to recover or prevent such charges that can pay for itself and provide valuable analytics at no additional cost.
Examples of our considerations include "air" in the carton / trailer / container, replacing small recurring orders with fewer, larger orders, and matching case packs against anticipated volumes.
We have a proven history of bringing all internal and external stakeholders together to develop strategies that create true efficiencies reducing costs for customers and suppliers.


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Freight Bill Auditing


  • Detailed Expense Analysis

  • Ensure Accuracy

  • Eliminate Duplication

  • Relieve Dispute Tensions

  • Verify, Pay, and Reconcile

Freight Consulting supply chain Carrier contract review and analysis advisory and solutions

Carrier Contract Review & Analysis


  • Service Provider Review

  • Rate Negotiation

  • Payment and Terms Improvement

  • Accessorial Reduction

  • Carrier RFPs (All Modes)

  • Carrier Selection

Parcel shipping cost and digital profitability, Technology aids (TMS, Control Tower, Trade management), Supplier compliance programs, Duty & Tax reduction strategies, supply chain consulting, supply chain advising, supply chain strategy

Routing Compliance & Optimization


  • Parcel Shipping Cost and Digital Profitability

  • Technology Aids  (TMS, ...)

  • Supplier Compliance Pgms

  • Duty & Tax Reduction Strategies

Order / planning optimization, Load consolidation/trailer/container fill, Reduce distances, increase space utilization, Collaboration opportunities among shippers, Comparative Sourcing Domestic vs DI decision making, supply chain consulting, supply chain analytics, supply chain advising

Packaging and Network Design


  • Order / Planning Optimization

  • Load Consolidation / Trailer / Container Fill

  • Reduce Distances and Increase Space Utilization

  • Comparative Sourcing

Key Performance Indicators, Supplier and Provider score carding, supply chain consulting, supply chain advising, supply chain strategy

Performance Measurement


  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Supplier and Provider Scorecarding

Carbon footprint reduction strategies, Progress measurement and reporting towards goals, supply chain consulting, supply chain strategy, supply chain advising

Carbon Reduction Guidance


  • Environmental Assistance

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies

  • Progress Measurement and Reporting Towards Goals

Real-time tracking of orders, Estimate arrival at port, warehouses, or DCs, supply chain consulting, supply chain advising, supply chain strategy

End-to-End Visibility


  • Real-Time Tracking of Orders

  • Estimate Arrival at Port, Warehouses, or DCs

Align the transportation with the service level required, Measure transits and on-time performance, supply chain strategy, supply chain advising, supply chain consulting

Speed & Service Strategies


  • Align the Transportation with the Service Level Required

  • Ensure Measure Transits and On-Time Performance


Reduce freight expenditures, increase profitability, and help meet your environmental goals at a low cost, with an extraordinary ROI

Freight Think brings a fresh approach to Supply Chain advisory solutions. Their wealth of experience and collaboration with solution providers is helping everyday shippers compete on low cost with the big guys with huge scale and resources. Their engagement is a game changer for the value minded organization.

Lynn Gravley, CEO and Founder

NT Logistics

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