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End-to-End  Visibility

Although cost and speed are commonly emphasized, predictability and visibility are equally important but often overlooked aspects of supply chain management. At Freight Think, we can assist you in implementing cost-effective solutions to provide real-time visibility into your shipments, estimate arrival times, and most importantly, identify and respond to unexpected disruptions.


During the major supply disruptions of 2021 and 2022  goods often arrived to retail locations far later than anticipated.


While some of the negative effects of these delays were unavoidable, others could be mitigated if the sellers had reliable estimates of arrival times even if they were severely delayed. 


For example, companies with robust visibility tools were able to adjust their advertising to reflect the realities of availability, delay the discounting of outgoing products or source substitute items. Without these real-time adjustments, such adaptability would be difficult or impossible to achieve.

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