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Shipping Air

When you ship a truckload, ocean container, or even a single carton to an online customer, there is a good chance that you are shipping and paying for a lot of dead air.

The amount of empty space shipped each day is truly staggering:

• ~ 21% of space in domestic truckloads is empty

• ~ 24% of space in ocean containers is empty

• > 25% of space in digital consumer shipments is empty

Efficient use of space will not happen by accident. If a company is not actively measuring and managing its cube utilization, it is likely that their level of inefficiency will resemble the statistics above.

We visited a company, that was careful to put 30 pallets on every truckload, in an effort to ensure good cube utilization. Unfortunately, the pallets averaged less than 6 feet in height. After showing how they could reduce costs by adding on to the pallets, they increased the pallet height to closer to 8 feet. As a result, transportation cost was reduced by greater than 20%.

The situation for consumer shipments can be even worse than ocean or truckload.

We all regularly receive packages from large and small online shippers that are too big for the contents inside. This is not only financially wasteful, but it makes it even more difficult to meet environmental objectives.

The good news is there is something you can do about it.

We can help you measure your current level of efficiency and implement cost-effective solutions that can create near-immediate returns to increase your profitability and reduce your carbon footprint.

Take the first step to not ship air and drop us a line on our Contact Page.

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